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About Us

CJEJ Farm was established in 2000 by Chris and Joyce Brady and their two sons, Earl and Jacob (hence the name CJEJ - Chris, Joyce, Earl, Jacob).

CJEJ Farm currently consists of about 50 beef cattle (mostly Herefords), 20 feeder and market hogs, 100 laying hens, 100 turkeys (White Broad Breasted) and 600 broilers (Cornish Rock Cross).

In 2015 a farm store was added to CJEJ Farm named The Meat House. Here you can purchase CJEJ Farm's own eggs, beef, pork, chicken and turkey as well as Hatchland Farm Milk (Haverhill, NH). Select meats and dairy products are also for sale at Colebrook Feeds, Farm & Garden Supply.

In order to sustain a viable livestock and poultry operation we have reduced feed costs and increased yield by feeding homegrown grain. Through a combination of corn, oats, soybeans, barley and minerals we create a balanced ration for all of our animals (depending on the stages of growth they are in).

 By using crop rotation we are varying successive crops on the same ground to avoid depleting the soil and to control weeds, diseases and pests.

If any of our customers ever have any questions about CJEJ Farm, we will be happy to answer them for you!

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