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Farm Updates

We are excited this year to be converting to planting all of our grain crops using no-till! Our goal is to have healthy and productive soil with high levels of organic matter to grow grain crops by being more sustainable. Due to increasingly unpredictable spring growing conditions, our planting schedule is often delayed, resulting in less than desirable growth and crop yields. By switching to a no-till system, we would be able to plant fields in a timelier fashion while simultaneously reducing our equipment use in field preparation. The reduction in equipment use would lead to overall reductions in use of fossil fuels, soil compaction, and soil disturbance. By limiting soil disturbance, we would see less soil erosion and subsequently less stored carbon released from the soil; particularly in our fields leased along the Connecticut River, which are subject to annual and increasingly frequent flooding.


Interested in purchasing in bulk? Please contact us  to be put on our list for whole or half of a beef , pig or a whole sheep / goat. We custom butcher seasonally (no wholes or halves between April -  August), and therefore have a list of customers  that place deposits and will be notified when their order is  ready! You fill out a cut sheet, and we do the rest! Please  remember, we try our best to fill orders for wholes and halves  in a timely fashion, but factors such as weather, break downs, and size of livestock to be butchered  has a major impact on when we are able to complete an order.

Our cuts of meat (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, chevon (goat)) are for sale at Colebrook Feeds, Farm and Garden Supply during their normal store hours! If you have a large order you'd like put together, please give us at least a week's notice.

Colebrook Feeds is located at 84 Colby Street, Colebrook, NH 03576

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