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Farm Updates


Summer Internship Available at CJEJ Farm & Colebrook Feeds, Farm & Garden Supply

Job Description - 

Colebrook Feeds, Farm & Garden Supply Store:

- Customer Assistance

- Inventory Management

- Utilizing a Point of Sale system


CJEJ Farm:

- Animal processing (if interested)

- Hay and crop production (if interested)

- Fence Maintenance

- Animal Husbandry (including Draft horses)

- Rotational Grazing


* Paid internship with housing included

* Duties will commensurate with experience

* Diversified opportunities available

* More duties available based on knowledge and experience

Please contact us for more details about this opportunity!

We offer all of our meat by the cut, or by the half or whole. Please  email or call us if you're interested in a half or whole cow, pig, lamb or goat (chevon). 

We also want to remind our customers that we offer meat for sale at Colebrook  Feeds, Farm & Garden Supply in Colebrook. We have a small selection available there, but you can also call The Meat House ahead of time to place an order for pick up!

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